Tony Beig

Tony Beig – Promotional Clothing 2015

Meet Tony Beig- A Man Who Changed the Face of Fitness Apparel Industry

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Tony BeigTony Beig is the man who, with his Alanic International brand, has changed the global fitness clothing industry. A man, who young entrepreneurs look up to.

Hard work always pays off. And the journey of Tony Beig very well cements this fact. The man behind Alanic International Tony Beig is one of the well known tycoon in the global fashion and fitness clothing industry today- looked up by many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Started with a ‘just another MBA certificate’ in hands, the dreams and aspirations of Mr. Beig was rather different than his peers who dived into the corporate world right after their graduation. His dreams was to bring the much-necessary change in the clothing industry– and did he do that, in grand style, over the course of past decade with his apparel brand becoming the most popular and buzzed about name in the fitness wear industry today.

Himself a fitness enthusiast, Tony Beig has infused his personal interest, passion and experience in Alanic International brand whose t-shirts, trousers, leggings, bras and outwears has become the ultimate staple of the fitness devouring crowds across the world. Customers swear by the quality of this running, yoga and workout wears.

However it is not much of the quality but rather style of these fitness wears that has garnered Tony Beig Alanic International much of the admiration and respect from different sections of the consumers, media, and even the competitors.

“Do it big; do it right; and do it with style.” This is one of the beliefs that Mr. Beig hold close to his heart. And it is for this belief, Alanic International has stridden fast over the years, blurring the line between fitness and fashion wears. And this hard work has paid off well. Today this brand is recognized as the best destination, by clothing businesses and final consumers of around the world, for stylish women and men fitness clothing.

Sure Mr. Beig has come a long way and today he sits at the pinnacle of success, with his brand literally changing the face of fitness apparel industry. But he is in no mood to stop- not even to rest. His ambitions very well reflects when he says—“We’re just getting started!”


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