Tony Beig

Tony Beig – Promotional Clothing 2015

The Clothing Industry is Transforming Thanks to Alanic and Tony

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Tony Beig

Tony Beig – this efficacious man needs no introduction. He is one of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century and his booming empire is a force to reckon with. A Victoria University MBA graduate, he was always meant for big things. At this young age, he is the MD of the prestigious Dioz Group and a known name in the clothing industry. The Group had humble beginnings but it picked up speed along the way and branched out into several renowned brands such as Oasis, Frerez, Meubles, and more.

Alanic Takes On Trends and Re-imagines It!

Among the various brands that Dioz Group is rightly proud of, Tony Alanic Group rightly stands out on its own in terms of quality, latest trends and styles. Alanic is the brainchild of the business tycoon, Tony, and ever since it was launched, it has changed the face of fashion clothing.

After receiving great adulation for its wide assortment of fashion clothing and accessories for men and women of all ages, Alanic has expanded to include sports and fitness clothing as well. It has chosen an opportune time because the fitness industry is blossoming right now and this manufacturing company is stirring up a storm with its new and infectious designs and innovative styles blended harmoniously with cutting-edge seamless and moisture wicking technology.

Tony is a huge fitness enthusiast himself and he motivates his entire team of designers to come up with fitness and sports apparel that don’t just look awesome but also work hard to live up to various intense and challenging workouts and training sessions.

Alanic and Tony’s Success is Infectious

The success that Alanic Group Tony has garnered over such a short time is simply contagious. It is not only one of the most sought-after manufacturing houses in USA but it has far reaching effects in UK, Canada and Australia as well.

As Alanic continues to grow with the support and motivation from Tony, the world of fashion, sports and fitness clothing is also undergoing a massive change and becoming more fashion-oriented while being functional.


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