Tony Beig

Tony Beig – Promotional Clothing 2015

Tony Beig- A Next-Gen Entrepreneur, Disrupting Global Apparel Industry

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In the continuing journey that began well over a decade back, Tony Beig has never been the one to compromise on his dreams and goals. And it is this dedication that today he is a name to recon with in the fashion and fitness wear industry.

A next-generation entrepreneur, inspired to ‘disrupt’, with Alanic Group Tony Beig sure did disrupted the global clothing market, and continues to do so with new launches of fitness and fashion apparels every once in a while.

A renowned brand name in the retail and wholesale industry, Alanic has formed a cult-like following across the world. The company has redefined the athleisure market with unmatched range of t-shirts, bottoms, jackets and more that caters fitness enthused and fashion frenzied consumers alike.

Although the rise of Alanic wasn’t anywhere near smooth, with the vision of Mr. Beig and under his leadership, the company overcame initial troubles successfully to reach at the pinnacle.

Himself a fashionista, sports aficionado, and a risk-taker, Tony Beig was always drawn towards the apparel industry. Even with an MBA degree, while his classmates jumped right away in the corporate world, he had a different thinking; thinking, that would ultimate change the global clothing industry. Seeing a big demand-supply gap in the market, he teamed up with his brother Johnny Beig to work together; and out came, the brainchild, Alanic.

Today, with Alanic international Tony Beig caters a wide range of consumer base around the world. The brand has won numerous awards and collaborated with many top fashion and sports events over the years.

Ever-so-humble, hardworking and adventurist soul, upon being asked what are the future plans of Alanic Group, given the company is already at the top, Tony Beig had few words of wisdom that new entrepreneurs can sure learn a lot from—“We’re not here to be ‘the top’. We’re here to impact people’s lives.”


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